Monday, July 30, 2007

Against Me! - New Wave

[This is a copy/mirror of a post I made in my fandom blog. Music posts showing up here will probably be mirrors of stuff posted there from now on. I'm not linking to my fandom blog because, aside from music, I'd rather not cross the streams for some reason.

Sorry for the insane lack of updates, by the way.

Against Me! released their fourth album, New Wave recently and so far, I think I'm liking it. At first, it wasn't grabbing me in the throat like their previous album did, but I do think it's good stuff.

I recommend giving these songs a try:

Stop - Disco-punk that sounds more blood-and-guts than most of what I've heard in this genre. It seems to be about the band's decision to sign to a major, and it's my favorite song on the album. (My favorite song on the last album was also all about the record-industry, too. Huh.) I wish they'd chosen it for the first single.

Ocean - The driving, dark sound of the song counterpointed with the yearning vocals and the vulnerability expressed in the lyrics about faith and gender and family make this song one of my favorites. Tom Gabel sings it so well.

And, just for fun, the aforementioned favorite song with the lyrics about the record industry from the last album: Unprotected Sex With Multiple Partners [radio edit].

If you like what you hear, support the band: here and here (or possibly here and here.)

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